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Family portrait


Photographs with IT


"It is one thing to photograph people. It is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanness."
--Paul Strand
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   Washington, D.C.
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   Bahia Soliman

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Rock Festival


Jock's Lunch


Everyday Life


Transportation solution

Tying goats in Montana

Bad day

Bad day at school


Documentary Photography
Testing the Human Spirit
   by Brian Peterson

  This is the story of the indomitable Nancy Simon, whose family was ravaged by AIDS.  
Nancy Simon
For six years, she shared her struggle with photographer Brian Peterson and the readers of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  One of her last wishes was that Brian be present when she died. 
 In February of 1996, (top of page), with his mother dying, son Erik stood on the couch and stared at the family portrait. Everyone is smiling, a reminder of healthier times.  

Children of the Underground
   by Allan Detrich

A call for help

In this space there used to be a synopsis for one of the finest picture stories we've seen, about runaways and the underground that protects them from the abuses they're fleeing. The story was a runner-up for a Pulitzer Prize. However, in April of 2007, photographer Allan Detrich resigned from the Toledo Blade after it was discovered he had digitally altered a photograph. Subsequent investigation revealed Detrich had digitally altered no fewer than 79 pictures that he had submitted for publication in 2007. Using Photoshop, he had added elements, including a basketball in a sports picture, and erased elements, as he did in the photograph that began the controversy. These transgressions mean that now we cannot be sure that ANY of his pictures are honest. The photograph above is awesome, but it may not be real. Therefore, the link to this story has been removed. Credibility is critical to photojournalism. Once you lose it, it's gone forever. Worse, every photographer who is dishonest impugns the honesty of everyone else. More than one Toledo Blade reader wondered what the fuss was all about, implying that they weren't surprised. Or concerned. (Doesn't everyone do it?) What a pity.   NPPA magazine story here.

Hunger of the Heart
   by Larry Powell

 Communion at the Wall
The Wall
An overwhelming number of momentos have been left at the Wall in memory of those who died in Viet Nam, so many that the Smithsonian has created a special exhibit for the most poignant. The following is from one letter left there:

"The peace of the memorial belies the terrible hell of mud and fire where you fell, and since that day a whole generation has grown to maturity. Even so, friend, rest assured the flag yet flies at home, on summer nights taps still echo from Harrison's woods, lakes and hills, and on deep cold winter nights, the lake ice sings still."

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"This -- the immediate, everyday and present experience -- is IT, the entire and ultimate point for the existence of a universe." --Alan Watts

Pictures from Earth
On-line newspapers like The Washington Post, mega-sites like MSNBC, big photozines like FocalPoint f/8, little ones like untitledmagazine.com,
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